Jaime Rios

Fresno, California ·
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  • I am seeking an opportunity that challenges my versatile, technical expertise. I am eager to collaborate with growth-oriented individuals to expand and strengthen my abilities. My desire to learn and solve real-world problems within a team, as well as my spirited attitude helps me find creative and effective ways to succeed within high-pressure, mission-driven environments.


    Dev Bootcamp

    Immersive Programming Academy

    300+ hours of web development training that included paired-programming exercises and algorithm practice. Created fully-developed web applications individually and within teams. Built web development projects using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery/AJAX, Bootstrap, and deployment through Heroku.

    Fall Cohort 2016

    California State University, Fresno

    Bachelor of Science
    Business Administration

    GPA: 3.33

    Class of 2015


    Website Designer


    Help research, design, and implement technical specifications for projects based on client requirements as indicated in scope of work. Ensure high-performance and system integrity of websites as well as managing all technical aspects of the content-management system. Assist in troubleshooting and resolving site-related issues quickly and efficiently. Perform quality checks before work is submitted to client for review.

    2015 - 2022

    Stand-In Teacher

    Madera Unified School District

    Followed lesson plans provided by permanent teacher to create a cohesive and consistent learning experience for students. Managed the classroom effectively to encourage student participation, minimize distractions, and maintain a positive learning environment. Adapted teaching methods to fit the needs of each student.

    2014 - 2017

    Peer Tutor

    Fresno State Athletics

    Assisted student-athletes in improving academic achievement by reviewing and clarifying learning problems as well as providing useful study habits/techniques. Helped review class material, discussed text, reviewed test questions, generated ideas for assignments, and worked towards solutions to problems.

    2011 - 2014

    News Intern

    Clovis Sidekicks Soccer Club

    Composed, organized, edited, and reviewed publication materials to attract interest of viewers and fans. Conducted media outlet and reporter research as assigned by team owner. Contributed to written materials including pitches, news releases, blogs, and team interviews.

    2010 - 2011


    Programming Languages & Tools
    • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
    • Object-Oriented Design
    • Analytical Problem Solver
    • Dynamic & Skillful Multitasker


    Windows Shell Scripts

    Powershell and Command Prompt scripts that automatically copies over essential files and settings, as well as installing crucial portable applications. Extremely useful when clean installing or reinstalling Windows on a personal system.

    Breezily for Windows

    Breezily adds efficient keyboard shortcuts to help navigate the Windows desktop quickly. The AutoHotkey language is used for implementing Breezily's keyboard shortcut scripts.

    Linux Shell Scripts

    POSIX-based scripts that quickly copies over essential files and settings, as well as installing imperative programs (via Debian’s apt package manager). The setup script is initialized via Terminal. Immensely helpful when clean installing or reinstalling Linux on a personal system.

    Image Pillow

    A useful python script that compresses images (based on a set of defined parameters) from specified file paths.

    CSSPrefixer 3

    A refactoring of the Python2 Autoprefixer tool that rewrites/minifies CSS files and adds vendor-prefixed versions of CSS3 rules. Original code was modified to ensure Python3 compatibility.

    Colmar Academy

    A fictional, online school landing page to practice HTML5/CSS3 as well as responsive design techniques. Created for Codecademy's "How To Build Websites" final course project - built according to Codecademy's design specs.


    Apart from being a techy, I'm also a fitness enthusiast. I exercise year round and take part in yoga sessions from time to time. I also don't mind a nice round of frisbee golf with friends.

    When forced indoors, there's nothing better than a gaming session along with binge watching my favorite sci-fi, anime, and YouTube programs. There'll be moments where my sweet tooth takes over, and that's when I'll need a healthy dose of vegan goodies. Apart from that, I like exploring the rabbit hole of the latest tech trends in the IT world.

    Awards & Certifications